By: Nihacc

May 16 2012

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Category: Desayuno / Breakfast


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Yogur de soja con albaricoques,  semillas de cáñamo y nueces de macadamia, y pan de espelta y semillas con tahini

Soy yoghurt with apricots, hemp seeds and macadamia nuts, and spelt and seeds bread with tahini


10 comments on “135”

  1. All those good seeds and nuts!

  2. Inspirada por tu blog estoy intentando desayunar. Por ahora estoy incorporando un smoothie de manzana, banana, naranja y un puñado de espinacas… una vez incorpore ese hábito, veré de agregarle algo sólido.

  3. Love this breakfast! Especially the tahini on toast- a favourite of mine 🙂

  4. I love macadamia nuts, that’s a great looking breakfast.

  5. God, you’re blog is fabulous. Such great photographs! I lived in Spain for a good 4 months but found it extremely difficult to go out and eat vegan. Some people got so offended and I didn’t mean to hurt them in any way 😦 Although I must say that when I visited the bigger cities, vegan food was no problem at all. Barcelona has a few very good vegan restaurants, especially for desserts 🙂 Yum!

    • Thank you very much!!! Yes, I know from my own experience that many Spanish cities and villages can be very difficult for a vegan person. I hope it’s a matter of time and public demand… I love Barcelona, you can find a vegan option for everything 🙂

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