Desayuno de domingo (Bilbao): Zumo de naranja y piña, yogur de soja, y bollo de pan de calabaza y canela tostado con tomate y aceite de oliva al ajo

Sunday breakfast (Bilbao): Orange and pineapple juice, soy yoghurt, toasted pumpkin cinnamon bread buns with tomato and garlic olive oil


6 comments on “160”

  1. another lovely sunday breakfast! can i come to spain and have breakfast with you for a couple of days!? 🙂

    • Thank you!! Of course, my table is ready 🙂

      • great i am planning a trip to spain this year anyways. I have never been to the mainland, only to the islands, so its about time! I really want to see barcelona! how far away do you live from there?

        • Barcelona is worth a visit, I love it! I live about 300 kilometres from it, a bit far… Anyway, if you visit Barcelona I recommend to you a pair of vegan restaurants: Gopal and Cat Bar, my two favourites! 🙂

  2. That’s so sweet, the two little buns look like a pair of baby bootees! 🙂

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